Corporate Profile

We are a manufacturing company that specializes in designing, producing and selling components for electrical wiring and circuit boards, focusing mostly on engineering plastics.
There is a broad, extensive line of products dealing with the production of sleeves, insulator caps, covers, spacers and clamps and ranging to protective material for electrical wiring, EMC components, connectors and crimped terminals that make full use of injection, extrusion, dip molding and other production technology that fits intended uses and material qualities. We strive to use an extensive range of existing patents and utility models to provide distinct products, discover recycling functions that correspond to our circular society, provide a lineup of merchandise related to optical fibers and steadily expand operations.

Shinagawa Shoko Co., Ltd. HQ Building

Company Outline

Corporate Name Shinagawa Shoko Co., Ltd.
Start of Corporation July 13, 1959
Capital 24 million JPY (core capital: 4 billion JPY)
Number of Employees 135
Locations Headquarters (Tokyo)
Osaka Branch, Nagoya Branch, Matsumoto Branch, Tsukuba Branch,
Haneda Plant No. 1, Haneda Plant No. 2, Distribution Center
Branches Osaka, Nagoya, Matsumoto, Tsukuba Factories and distribution centers:
Haneda 1st Factory, Haneda 2nd Factory, Product distribution center
Board of Directors Rie Nakamura, President
Akinori Sekiya, Senior Managing Director
Toshiya Nakamura, Director
Setsuko Nakamura, Auditor
Banking Information Mizuho Bank, Gotanda Branch
Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank, Gotanda Branch